HVDC in Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

The high Voltage DC contactors (HVDC) are also used in Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Other applications are; DC car charging, Electric vehicles, Green Energy, etc.

HVDC Relay application field

HVDC relays can be used in energy storage for different kind of applications as new energy grid-connected, electric vehicles, smart grid, microgrids, distributed energy systems, home energy storage systems, and power supply projects in areas without electricity, etc. It can solve the intermittent and unstable problems brought by the grid connetion of energy storage and power generation, ensure the reliabilty of the power supply of the microgrid system, and realize the dynamic adjustment of high power and reduce the impact on the power grid.

For the Energy Storage System applications we have different types of products. On one side we could offer the main contactors that can go up to 1500VDC @ 500Amps. available with or without auxiliary contact. Beside the main contactors, we offer also the pre-charge relay.