High Voltage DC Relays

LS Electric has been market leader of Power Electric & Automation Solutions with quality products in industrial market for decades as part of the huge LG-concern. One of the main activities is to develop and manufacture High Voltage DC relays, being applied to global automotive OEMs and renewable energy market like ESS.

The LS Electric High Voltage DC relays can supply and disconnect DC Power with superior electrical performance from 450 to 1500VDC level. Main function of the relay is to stabilize the supply and cut-off battery power. The EV-Relay prevents instant short circuit failure of capacitor, motor or harness. It also protects from reverse regen current when instant quick stop occurs.

The DC-relay serves to supply and disconnect DC power, and
contains hydrogen and nitrogen gas, which is optimized to withstand making
and breaking. Therefore, it has excellent electrical durability, compact size, and
low noise.

  • Features:
    • Compact Design: Achieved compact size by filling with hydrogen and nitrogen gas to improve the breaking performance.
    • Proven Safety:¬†High value of short circuit current withstanding.
    • Superior Reliability;¬† Excellent performance with electrical and mechanical endurances.

LS Electric High Voltage DC Relay can be utilized in various applications including commercial & industrial transportation systems, uninterruptible power systems(UPS), energy storage systems(ESS), and renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic systems(PV).

References in the electric vehicle (EV) car industry are: General Motors, Renault, Daimler Benz, Porsche, Volvo, BMW, Volkswagen, Huyndai / Kia.

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