DLVC400-4061 Series

DC Contactor / Relay type DLVC400-4061, 40-120VDC, 400A.


DLVC400-4061 Series DC contactor / relay from Durakool

DC Relay for operating up to 100 VDC, 400A.

Contactor options:

  • Coil voltage:  12VDC, 24VDC or 48 VDC
  • Mounting: bottom or side
  • Connections: M8 male or M8 female
  • Option: Auxiliary contact: 1 SPST-NO or none (then DLVC400-4071 Series)

To get a more deep overview of the DEVR400 product, please download the pdf below:

Download Leaflet DLVC400 Contactor

Detailed Specifications:

Contact arrangement 1 pole, SPST-NO
Max Switching Voltage DC 100V
Rated load 400Amps @80VDC
Max continuous thermal current 400Amps continuous (600A for 30 secs)
Max switching current 1 time only: 4000A@48VDC
Contact voltage drop max 160mV@400A
Aux contact None. (Only model DLVC-4071 has AUX-contact)
Coil, rated coil voltage DC 12, 24, 48VDC
Coil, rated power consumption hold: 12 – 13,5 Watt
Insulation resistance

initial 100M Ohm (Min.) @500VDC

life end 50M Ohm (Min.)

Dielectric strength

coil to contact: 2200Vrms / <1mA / 1 min

contact to contact: 2200Vrms / <1mA / 1 min

Operate / bounce time at 20C max 40ms / 5ms
Release time max 10ms
Electrical life at rated load 10.000 operations @ 48VDC
Mechanical life 300.000 operations
Ambient temperature (operating) -40 to +85C
Relative humidity 20 to 90%RH
Shock resistance 20G peak, 11ms 1/2 sine
Vibration resistance 20G sine peak (80 to 2000Hz)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 59,6 x 58,2 x 93,8mm
Weight 650 gr.