High Voltage DC Relay type GPR400, 450 VDC, 400A.


GPR400 High Voltage DC relay from LSIS

High Voltage DC Relay for operating voltage of 450 VDC, 400A.


Number of poles 1 pole
Operating Voltage DC 450V
Rated Impulse withstand voltage, Uimp 4 kV
Conventional thermal Current 400A
Short time withstand current 2 min, 800A – 7 min, 600A
Mechanical Durability  (3600 operations an hour) 200.000 cycles
Electrical Durability 400A, 450VDC, 1000cycles
(at 360cycles/Hr)
Voltage drop [ initial] 0,02V@20A
Operating time Max. 30ms
Release time Max. 10ms
Temperature Range -40 ~ 85℃
Humidity 5-95% R.H.
Insulation strength (Initial) Min. 100MΩ(@500VDC)
Size, W × H × D( mm ) 100×58×91
Weight 630 g
Certification CE, UL, cUL,

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